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Monday, 9 November 2015


FINDING YOU (Finding You Series Book 1) by Amanda Mackey, Author is available on Amazon!

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Life is hard. 

Marriage can be harder. 

Especially for Dakota Livingston whose husband turned into a monster… 

After surviving a beating that puts her in hospital she is determined to get her life together and move forward. 

While on a month’s holiday to celebrate a new chapter in her life, the last thing Dakota expects is to fall in love with handsome movie actor, Kyle Rutherford… 

After a whirlwind romance, Dakota’s trip is cut short after discovering her ex-husband has injured her beloved father. Not wanting to leave her blissful new relationship with Kyle, she has no choice but to return home without him while he finishes filming a movie. 

A broken heart is the least of Dakota’s troubles, as fate steps in to change her life forever… 

Testing not only her will but her sanity


LOSING YOU (Finding You Series Book 2) by Amanda Mackey, Author is available on Amazon!

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Dakota Livingston’s whole world has been turned upside down… 

After realizing she’s the sole survivor of a plane crash—the plane that was to take her to her injured father—her will to live is put to the test as she floats out at sea for days with no water or food. 

Ready to give up, she’s rescued by some fisherman from a nearby island. Waking up, not knowing where she is and with no communication with the outside world, Dakota befriends a 12 year old native boy who has secrets hauntingly similar to her own. 

As their friendship grows it becomes clear just how similar their lives are. 

In a race against time, with recovery underway, Dakota is desperate to save Daniel from his own demons and return to the love of her life who has given her up for dead. 

Can one woman’s sheer grit and determination overcome all odds?


SAVING YOU (Finding You Series Book 3) by Amanda Mackey, Author is available on Amazon!
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After finally being reunited with Kyle, Dakota and Daniel have a blissful life they’ve only ever dreamed of… 

With secrets locked away and painful memories fading, Dakota soon learns that no matter how far or fast you run, the past always has a way of catching up to you. 

Taken at gunpoint by her deranged ex-husband and driven to a secluded location, she soon learns just what he has in store for her and how crazy he really is. 

Lives will be lost. 

Sanity will be tested. 

Revenge will be sought

★★ Meet the Author ★★

I am married and a mother of two beautiful children, living in sunny Queensland, Australia. I’ve been reading books ever since I can remember and love all things related to books. Writing has become an extension of that and I hope to pursue a full time writing career. I currently write part-time and work as a remedial massage therapist. I love spending time with family and hope to one day travel to Italy and England.

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Review for Your Heart to Keep.

"Let me tell you something about this book. Right in the beginning I was crying. I mean ugly crying. 11% into the book people! How can you cry so much when you haven't really got to know the characters? Well because the darn book is written so good that it makes you feel as if you do know them. Like your a part of what they are going through.

How do you get over losing the love of your life? Your heart? How do you move on?! OMG I'm crying just writing this. I don't know what to say without giving everything away. This story is so heart breaking. The struggles Jax goes through. The anger he has for someone he hasn't met made me kind of dislike him but then made me feel bad all at the same time. How do you deal with The feelings you have growing inside that you can't control. Tears. I'm was a mess. So good."

★★★ SYNOPSIS ★★★
Madison Daley’s father has concealed the truth from her for seventeen years… 

Raised on a Kentucky farm, Madison is stunned when a conversational slip reveals her father Michael is a famous ’90s rock star known as the Grim Weeper. Michael left the spotlight and his mansion behind when Madison was dropped off on his doorstep by a woman in a black mask. A dark past is revealed, and the only thing Madison isn’t allowed to know is her mother’s name. 

The answers Madison needs can only be found in Beverly Hills… 

Though she does hope to persuade her dad to return to the stage, Madison’s real mission is to discover the identity of her mother. 

But she is slightly distracted—literally—by the boy next door. Giovanni Abate’s father is an action film star, his stepdad is a major designer, and Gio has his own claim to fame. Madison catches the handsome, young Italian actor’s eye, and their mutual attraction makes for a hotter summer than she ever could have imagined. 

Madison hasn’t set foot in California since infancy, but a lot of people are certain she has… 

After Madison has a makeover, people are sure they’ve seen her somewhere before, and she is extremely curious about the identity of her supposed doppelganger. As she looks into this strange situation, she’s unaware that Gio is hiding a potentially devastating secret. 

Could finding the answers she seeks change Madison’s life forever? 
Or will it just lead to more questions to fill the…
Diary of a Rocker’s Kid.

Haley Despard was born and raised in small, yet ever-expanding Simpsonville, South Carolina. She discovered a love of writing at age fourteen and hasn’t been able to turn off the motor fingers since then. Today she lives just a stone’s throw over in the country side of Greer, SC with her husband, son, and Boston Terrier. Her loves include cats (even though she’s allergic because the universe hates her), reading, composing music, blogging, amateur photography, fro-yo, mall shopping trips, and anything that begins with, ends with, or includes the words “milk chocolate.” She also enjoys gaming with her husband on occasion and driving through the countryside with music on full blast.

Haley’s books will include a combination of feminism, romance, diversity, family values, complicated storylines, and maybe even a scheming heroine or two. She loves to defy conventions and standards and continually thinks outside the box. If you want to read something fresh and original, pick up a Haley Despard novel. A book should be able to make you gasp, sob, laugh hysterically, and want to hug the main character all at the same time. 
Haley is very interactive on Facebook and Twitter so don’t hesitate to contact her at one of the links below, or you can email her at

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Happy Cover Reveal Day to ROSA SOPHIA!
When I Remember You releases NOV. 17th through Limitless Publishing!

Nina Archer is back in Florida, discovering a love for life she never had before… 

Things are finally looking up for Nina. Her mother is sober again, she shares an apartment with her best friend, and she’s training for her first marathon. She’s even sending out queries for her first novel, though she doubts anyone would publish something by a nobody like her. But memories of her late father, while painful, give her the strength to persevere. 

When Wes Ladner shows up on race day, he almost stops Nina in her tracks… 

Wes is back in Florida to work on his new book after months of traveling, and Nina isn’t sure what to do about their intense friendship. Making love on the beach was easy for them, but committing to a relationship doesn’t seem possible, and Wes appears to be carrying an emotional burden he hadn’t before. 

Nina settles into a rhythm and finds her place in life but struggles to understand what she and Wes have taught each other through their passionate intimacy. 

Is it possible for Nina and Wes to move beyond friendship, or is it their destiny to part ways and carry only precious memories on separate paths to fulfillment?

★★ Meet the author: ROSA SOPHIA ★★

Rosa Sophia is a novelist and full-time editorial consultant. With a degree in Automotive Technology, she adores writing and editing as well as fixing cars. Rosa is also a crazy cat lady in training, and currently divides her time between South Florida and Pennsylvania.

Here is a teaser of my new novel titled, Pain. It is releasing on January, 5th 2016.

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